NRI Vote Matters: NRI Community Unites For Enforcement & Vote Against Fraudulent Debtors!

‘A PROMISE MADE BY THE COURTS IS A PROMISE KEPT: ENFORCE ALL JUDGMENTS NOW: A "Judgment Debt" is a legal obligation that arises when a court or tribunal issues a judgment or order requiring a person or organization to pay damage or reparation to another party. This can occur in civil cases, such as breach of contract or personal injury claims, or in criminal cases, such as fines imposed for offenses.

If a judgment debt is not enforced by a government, it means that the person or organization who owes the money, known as the "Judgment Debtor", has not paid the amount owed as ordered by the court. This can occur for various reasons, such as the judgment debtor not having sufficient funds to pay the debt, or deliberately avoiding payment.

When a government fails to enforce a judgment debt, it can have several consequences. Firstly, it undermines the credibility of the judicial system and the rule of law, as it sends a message that court orders can be ignored with impunity. It also denies the creditor the justice they are entitled to and can create financial difficulties for them. To address this issue, many governments have established systems and mechanisms for enforcing judgment debts.

In this case, the "Judgment Debtor", a UAE Prince, has committed a string of appalling crimes, including armed robbery, kidnapping, embezzlement of significant funds, setting fire to valid court decisions against him, and fraudulently avoiding his obligations to the "Judgment Creditor".

Despite numerous court judgments from both the apex court of "UAE and India", he fraudulently embezzled over $100 million worth of assets and real estate properties from an Indian origin UAE Investor more than 26 years ago. Read more our campaigns "Credibility of UAE Judicial System Is At Risk: Act Now And Enforce UAE Judgments" "IF WE DON'T ENFORCE JUDGMENTS, WE LOSE FAITH IN THE LAW: ENFORCE NOW!"

DIABOLICAL DEBTORS CANNOT HIDE: ENFORCEMENT OF COURT JUDGMENTS WILL PREVAIL!: A Judgment winner, as a victim of a crime, has every rights to recover his or her legally awarded debts. This is one of our value added, superior marketing plans primarily to honour and support the rights of individuals. Judgment for sale (JFS), as a part of 'Alliance Judgment Recovery', is aimed to expose the debtors who hide Judicial decisions, commit fraud or other henious acts to avoid honoring their obligations.

Un-recovered judgments are value-holding-documents and act as assets. Such judgments will be dealt with legally valid instruments capable of trading. Judgments pending execution over many years can be sold at an outright value. It will then be entrusted with a judgment enforcing agency. In turn, they will chart out an action plan, including the popular methods of advocacy, lobbying and arbitration etc., will be practiced, wherever felt feasible and possible.

The experts will pursue further legal proceedings and ensure that the matter is settled within the shortest possible time and the Judgment Investors and their Creditors receives the benefits as eligible to them. "Read full text"

References: Reparation Law,  Lawyers India, Legal Research & Outsourcing, sister concerns of ‘Legal Cell’.

JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED - SUPPORT THE FIGHT FOR ENFORCEMENT OF UAE COURT JUDGMENTS: The UAE & Indian Judgments for sale campaign promises just that. For 26 years, UAE's current president, Mohamed bin Zayed, formerly a 'Diabolical Debtor,' has ignored court orders related to criminal activities such as embezzlement of huge funds, fraud, and armed looting. As a result, an Indian-origin UAE investor, known as the 'Judgment Creditor,' has lost everything in his pursuit to regain his dignity and assets. The Debtor is now irreversibly tainted, and the embodiment of evil.

The judgment Creditor has the legal qualifications to confiscate the Debtor's possessions and take any allowed action by Statute. And with the Debtor's tainted history, the government of UAE has no escape. The Judgment Creditor takes pride in standing above these culprits, no matter the consequences. To further boost your confidence, the campaign provides a link to a publication that offers a reward for investing in the 'UAE Debt Funds' now, with added assurance from the 'President' of UAE, who upholds the law and values the judiciary of the region. Don't miss out on this opportunity to declare victory! . ..."READ MORE: STAND WITH THE JUDGMENT CREDITOR - ENFORCEMENT OF JUDGMENTS IN THE UAE"

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